1. Ana Fagri



* in Egypt..

There ist this expression from Upper – Egypt which is called „ana fagri“. It means: I am happy and very unhappy at the same time. Or :  I am miserable and therefore very happy. From this expression derives the name „ANA FAGRI“ . For a woman which is split in three characters.

We are searching about happiness. When are we happy, what about dreams, dreaming to be happy, being in paradise? If we are very happy - we are in paradise. If we are very unhappy - we kill ourselves - and then we will be in paradise? What is paradise? What is paradise for us as women? And about Europe?

And all the clichés? All these block-buster happy-ends?

Every year a lot of people kill themselves. We hear about all these people killed in carcrashes and are very concerned, but suicide is a taboo, there are more people comitting suicide then being killed in a carcrash. The rate was especially high in Austria and in Finland. Proverbs. Proverbs, that tell us what to do to become /feel happy. Magazines, that tell us what is „really important for women“

Mysticism and dreams are being used by men and women in order to get closer to paradise .

The questions we are asking ourselfs, are : What is dream ? What is reality? What is Happiness ? Luck? What is unhappiness ? Not to be lucky? How general are idealistic conceptions nowadays ? Do we have to be good ? Paradise and Nirwana?