Olga: „Yes, to Moscow, as fast as possible to Moscow!“

                                                              (A. Chechov „Three Sisters“)

The importance of work is measured by the meaning it has taken on in modern societies since the Industrial Revolution, to the point of shaping all aspects of daily life. The fact that we are today witnessing a transformation of the processes of work themselves, with the consolidation of services and the coming of the immaterial economy, makes this subject even more pressing. (W.Stolen)

>I found a tape. A tape with 8 lessons: „Kalinka“. How to learn Russian.  In Austria this course was shown every week from 1972 to 1993 on Austrian Television.

Each lesson corresponds to a video. The words, that had been put together to practise evoked new situations . They built the sound texture for the videos . Kalinka appears in each film. She can be read in two ways: a russian woman learning German - an Austrian woman learning Russian..<

The videos have been shot in „real time“ - no cuts (except kalinka 1,7 ). They are all about 7 minutes. They were all shot on places, which already now don‘t exist anymore. The woman behind the camera becomes more and more visible - until you literally see barbara Horvath in „Kalinka 8“<