1. ‘Your Cousin PIAs Song of Myself’


Antonio G. Lauer ( (Miroslav Tomek) Meeting 2012

"Everyday is a good day"

Moja Zemlja @ Vlasta Delimar

Štaglinec, Koprivnica, Croatia

participating artists: Marko Ercegović, Branka Cvjetičanin , Sandro Đukić , Vlasta Delimar, Milan Božić, Pino Ivančić, Siniša Labrović, Sinead O’ Donnell, Vasan Sitthiket, Cai Qing, Nathalia Mello, Misha Horaček, Brian Connolly, OPA Members, Katrinamuri, Makoto Maruyama, DB Indoš & Tanja Vrvilo

Fotos: katrinamuri, Martina Nemet, Dana Stevceska

‘Your Cousin PIAs Song of Myself’

1. intimate intervention 1:1

2. performance >  driving, conversation, reenactment

3. a) installation: wood, metal, cotton, plastic, concrete, essential oil, plants

    b) performance, reenactment

…A lot of people, chicken, concrete and shrines in private gardens. A lot of believe.

“It’s kind of a fashion.” Modern. Modernism. Modernity. Maternity.

Houses with holes from the shotguns.

A war not far from home.

Friends, who used to speak Serbo-Croatian, now speak Bosnian.

What is important for us - what is important for our cousins?

The Vienna literary agreement 1850. Was March 28th 1850 a good day?

Was May 13th 1990 a good day?

Everyday is a good day! Life is beautiful!

Say it in Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian language. “There is no difference!” my cousin said. “I will say it in Slovenian” another cousin said. And then German! Japanese! English! …

You wouldn’t want to go before, you wouldn’t want to be driven, you wouldn’t understand, stubborn, not trusting. You were right.

But then: try it with pleading…

Stand there. Smell. Be. Life is beautiful.

This was part two.

And what about PIA. This was part one and three.

Be part of the family. Belong to it. Friends. Better. Family forever.

Intimate. Intimate talks. Get them!

Everything is there. Take it. History. Body. Relationship. Society.

Me. Me. Me. Mother.

Lay down. Lime scents. A fake bird is singing. A fake cat is watching.

A shrine. A chapel. A menopausal prayer.

What if you vanish like your cousin? Vanish and let be. Give away, give up.

Who would reenact. What will rest?

Life is short. Everyday is a good day